Negotiation - William Ury on how to get what you want in business and life

February 24, 2018

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Today’s episode stars William Ury, author of Getting to Yes. The book is an international bestseller with over twelve million copies in print and publication in thirty-four languages. Ury is also the founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation and along with Jimmy Carter, founded the International Negotiation Network. And as Ury mentions we are always negotiating so...

His tactics are relevant for job seekers, business deals, and even to reach an agreement with a loved one.

In this episode, we talk through a linear process to prepare for a negotiation. The step by step way you should understand what you want, communicate it, and respect the other person’s perspective. He also shares a fascinating story about how he helped two billionaires resolve a conflict that was called the “the biggest cross-continental war room showdown in history”, and how a few hours of preparation can make you thousands of extra dollars. I can say personally, Wiliam’s insights have saved me tons of stress and worry during the difficult conversations in my own life.

Let’s go!

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