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Making Music Easier to Love with Brian Sakhuja

Student spotlight

Making Music Easier to Love with Brian Sakhuja

November 28, 2017

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One of the great rewards of creating an app is that the designer can bring his or her passions to the project. Make School Summer Academy students regularly create apps that are reflective of their passions outside of computer science. Brian Sakhuja is one such student who brought his love of music to his summer project.

“Because I own a LOT of music―and I'm a bit rate snob―I wanted to be able to access all of my music on my phone without sacrificing quality,” Brian said. “I was frustrated with the current Dropbox app and other similar apps out there right now. The apps either weren't intended to be music players and organizers or they just straight-up didn't work.”

From that frustration, Brian designed Streambox, an app that lets music lovers easily organize and store their music on Dropbox. Brian explained, “Unlike other solutions out there, you can use Streambox to stream your music in its original quality and you can select which directories to import songs from. If you have tens of thousands of songs like I do, importing all of them at once would take an extremely long time, so this solves that problem.”

Brian is currently a graduate student at UCLA earning his MS in Computer Science. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Villanova. In addition to music, his passions including exploring the outdoors and fitness.

“I decided to do the Summer Academy because I was changing gears from electrical engineering to computer science and software engineering, and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot more than I could have with a normal college experience. The Summer Academy was much more interactive and collaborative.”

The collaborative aspect in particular struck Brian. “I definitely learned that app development―and coding as a whole―isn't a solitary experience. Coding is all about collaborating with your peers―bouncing ideas off them, asking for help when you get stuck. Your peers can offer a new perspective that can be refreshing and eye-opening after wringing your brain for hours on a specific problem.”

As Brian looks beyond grad school, he’s hoping to begin a career in software engineering. He’s currently looking for summer internships that could turn into job offers next year. As he fills out applications and takes interviews, Make School and his music organizing app are featuring prominently on his resume.

“I added the Summer Academy to my education section. I see it as a big selling point. I think the Make School brand is something that the big tech companies recognize and are impressed by. Plus, it’s given me this tangible project that I can showcase as I go out on interviews, which is huge.”

To learn more about Brian and his latest projects, follow him on GitHub.

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