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MakeSchool at TeenHacks!


MakeSchool at TeenHacks!

October 28, 2014

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On October 25, 2014, two hundred fifty high school students spent twenty-four hours of their weekend at SoCal’s first high school hackathon, TeenHacks. MakeSchool attended the event as mentors and sponsors. We helped some students make their very first iPhone game; others we helped were accomplished programmers.

MakeSchool’s “Build Flappy Bird in One Hour” workshop attracted over seventy students. The room was so full that the wifi network crashed, so we ended up splitting into two separate sessions, each filled with students eager to learn.

It was great to see so many high school students spending their free time learning to code and working on amazing projects. Getting started coding early is essential in being able to start building the technologies of tomorrow!

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop at your school or hackathon, you can sign up for one here.

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