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Make School partners with Google for Computer Science Summer Institute: Extension program!

April 30, 2021

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Make School is excited to announce that we are partnering with Google again this summer to be one of six extension sites for Google's Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI): Extension program.  CSSI: Extension is an online, four-week introduction to computer science, designed for all students who have a passion for computer science---especially students from historically underrepresented groups in tech.  In addition to daily code-alongs and developmental workshops, students in the CSSI: Extension program have the opportunity to be a part of a larger CSSI network and learn from Googlers what it takes to be successful in the industry!

Similar to Make School's project-based learning model, CSSI: Extension is an intensive, interactive, hands-on, and fun program that seeks to inspire the tech leaders and innovators of tomorrow.  Participants will spend weeks learning p5 curriculum taught by a Make School instructor and Googler, in preparation for the final project week--a time where students will be working in groups to ideate, build, and present on a project of their choosing.

Check out our CSSI: Extension recap from last year

Last summer, Make School became a CSSI: Extension site for the very first time.  We welcomed 18 students into the program with the support of Lisa Tran, Cohort Advisor; Adriana Gonzalez, Technical Advisor; and Liya Tilahun, Teaching Assistant.  Students attended daily code-alongs, weekly cohort meetings, and other CSSI events focused on community-building.  Make School students who participated in CSSI: Extension last summer started the school year with a connection to other students, reported feeling more confident in their ability to code as a result of the program, and are now active leaders in our community (e.g., Student Ambassadors, Student Council Members, Event Coordinators, etc.).

Student Testimonials

Yin Chang, Class of 2022

To sum up my days in Google CSSI ‘20, I'd say: Inspiration, goosebumps and more inspiration! I got to meet all the CS enthusiasts from around the United States and every day I just breathed in and out the code and new exciting project ideas. Google CSSI really prepared me well to kick off the journey of computer science!

Yin Chang Headshot

Merissa Bridgeman, Class of 2022

CSSI is about learning and growing as a community. From hearing the experiences from software engineers in today’s industry, to collaborating on projects with students from around the country. This program made me feel at home in the CS community.

Merissa Bridgeman Headshot

Reef Stafford, Class of 2022

CSSI reaffirmed my interests in Computer Science. CSSI was the push I needed to gain confidence in my first steps coding and ever since I got the codes rolling!

Reef Stafford Headshot

The 2021 CSSI: Extension program will take place from July 12-August 6, 2021. Applications are now open through May 21, 2021, and we encourage all prospective Make School students to apply--regardless of experience level!

NOTE:  Only admitted Make School students who fulfill enrollment requirements to attend Make School in the fall will be eligible for CSSI: Extension at Make School. Google CSSI applicants must also submit a Make School admissions application by May 1, 2021 to ensure eligibility for CSSI: Extension. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, please email for more information

To learn more about CSSI: Extension at Make School and submit a program application, please visit our website, check out our CSSI: Extension FAQs, or rewatch our CSSI: Extension Info Session livestream. You can also contact Lisa Tran, Cohort Advisor, at

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