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Is your college Computer Science program right for you?


Is your college Computer Science program right for you?

October 23, 2017

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A year, a few months, or even a few weeks into your first year of college, you may realize that you’re not in the right place. And you’re not alone―more than a third of all college students transfer schools at least once. Whether you started at a two-year college with the intent of transferring or got into your dream school only to realize it’s not a good fit, you shouldn’t hesitate to consider your options.

Here are a few of the main reasons that a computer science student might consider switching schools:

  • Size. Perhaps you were drawn to the prestige of a large school only to realize that 400 students per computer science class is way too many for you. If you can’t easily get personal attention or make connections with your fellow students, you may want to look at smaller programs.
  • Curriculum. Maybe you’re at a college with brilliant professors, but they only talk about theory. Or maybe the teachers haven’t learned a new programming language in the last decade. You’ll need practical experience with the latest technologies to get a good job when you graduate, so you may want to find a program with more hands-on opportunities.
  • Job Prospects. Do the graduates of your school go on to start careers at the companies that interest you? Will you even be considered for the job you want with the education that you’re getting? If your school can’t help you meet your goals, it’s time to move on.
  • Cost. Maybe the mounting cost of books, tuition, and room & board is getting overwhelming. This problem is even more troubling if your job prospects aren’t coming together. You need to find a program that will give you the education you deserve without ruining you financially.

Top Advice for Computer Science College Transfers

Transferring to a new school can feel like an overwhelming challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep these tips in mind, and you should have no problem navigating the computer science transfer process.

1. Act now. As soon as you think you may want to transfer, start researching your options. We’ve created a great new ranking tool for computer science colleges that can help you do this. Most universities won’t take transfers with more than two years worth of credits. You don’t need to commit to transferring if you’re still not sure, but the more information you have, the easier the decision will be.

2. Know what you want. If you’re not happy with your current computer science program, take some time to think critically about what factors you don’t like and what factors you do. Make sure that the programs you’re considering aren’t just more of the same. Consider factors like class size, location, course offerings, and access to financial aid.

3. Keep your grades up. The most important factor in transfer applications is your college transcripts. Your high school grades won’t matter anymore, at least not much, and those high school letters of rec won’t help, either. Ask your favorite professors to write you new letters.

4. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Look back at that list you made of things you want in your new program. Is a traditional college the right place to get all of those things? It might not be. Especially as a computer science student, you need to be ready to show potential employers your ability to think creatively, collaborate with others, and master the latest technologies.

A modern computer science program like the Make School Product College could give you all the practical training you’ve longed for in a small, interactive class environment with highly experienced instructors. You could learn about the latest developments in gaming, virtual reality, machine learning, and other computer science topics while also gaining the soft skills necessary for success in the business world, either at a top tech company or a fast-paced startup. If high tuition is one of your concerns, a non-traditional computer science program could solve that problem with an income-share option.

If you’re not happy where you’re at, don’t be afraid to consider your options. Keep in mind that most transfer application deadlines are in March or April for fall start dates. Don’t expect the deadlines to be the same from college to college. To learn about transferring to the Product College, click here.

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