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Gap Year pilot kicks off with 11 students


Gap Year pilot kicks off with 11 students

November 10, 2014

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After a wildly successful Summer Academy, we asked our top students to join us in San Francisco and pilot our Gap Year program. Over the past two months, our founding class has helped us shape the program’s curriculum and experience. They even teach each other new programming concepts during our weekly “lightning talks.”

We believe that a great education comes in the shape of a dialogue, not a lecture. Together, we’re building the college experience we wished existed. One where our students love coming to school every day and are passionate about their work.

The Gap Year curriculum is composed of mobile development, web development, computer science theory and an internship at a tech startup. Furthermore, Gap Year students spend time contributing to an open-source project and working on their communicating skills – including pitching, writing clear documentation and email etiquette.

Our founding class is composed of Silicon Valley's next generation of leaders and thinkers. They're building products ranging from a mobile pharmacy to a task manager for event coordinators. You can find out more and meet our founding class here.

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