Forgiveness - Fred Luskin on how to forgive for good

October 9, 2017

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Fred Luskin and I discuss the whole process of forgiveness and getting over the past. I really trust his opinion – he’s a Professor at Stanford and has led forgiveness work for 9/11 victims, employees at major tech companies, and survivors of genocide.

In this episode we chat ...

  • The SKILL of forgiveness and how to improve it
  • Why our emotions linger
  • Self-forgiveness
  • When not to forgive and more
  • Intense forgiveness experiences

It wasn’t the easiest conversation: we discussed some of my old grudges and lingering emotions. Forgive me for the self-focus in this episode, but I hope that in hearing some of my struggles you’ll take up a few tactics that can help you with yours.

I walked away with a major takeaway: Forgiveness is a skill you can develop, and you do it for yourself.  

If you want to apply these insights to your own life, here’s an exercise:

  1. Write about a relationship where you have felt hurt or held a grudge. What makes it difficult to get over this experience? (10 min)
  2. Write your guess as to some steps you can take to forgive
  3. Listen to the episode and take note of which strategies you may want to adopt
  4. List 2-3 action items / things you’ve learned
  5. Now do it! Or schedule the action items into your calendar

Want more?

Check out Fred’s book Forgive For Good. You may also like our episode on Empathy if you want others to understand your perspective or Honesty if you want to share your authentic self.

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