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Career Story: Rob Percival - bestselling iOS instructor of all-time with Unathi Chonco of Make School

January 21, 2018

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Were you ever in a classroom that felt too crowded? Maybe 35 students, 50, 100? One man teaches a lot more students than that - he teaches over 320,000 students. What a headache! But not for one person.

Who is he? Rob Percival. He’s one of the best selling online instructors of all time. His Udemy iOS course has reached hundreds of thousands of students. We discuss why Rob believes his courses caught on, his teaching philosophy, the story of his career and how he hopes to change the world. This episode helped me rethink my teaching career, and how to cope with unexpected dramatic success and impact. In this episode, I’m joined by Make School student Unathi Chonco.

Let’s go!

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