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Altruism - Matthieu Richard on cultivating urge to give

February 5, 2018

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How can you cultivate a generous attitude?

In this episode, we have Matthieu Richard, a Buddhist monk in Nepal with TedTalks on happiness and altruism that have over 8 million views. In this episode, we deconstruct how to cultivate this urge in our own hearts to be altruistic. We also talk about Matthieu's journey from the intellectual elites in France to a monastery in Nepal, meditation, self-love, how to evaluate the effectiveness of an altruistic act, habits to achieve a meditative mindset throughout the day, and why some reporters call Matthieu “the happiest man in the world” but he disagrees.

Our talk helped me think about how to push the boundaries of my own giving, how to better delight people in my life. We also talk about how giving can make me happier. Matthieu's new meditation app ( may also be the tool you need to find peace.

Alright, here’s Matthieu.

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