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Photo by Donovan Valdivia on Unsplash


A Message in Solidarity with the Black Community

June 12, 2020

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Photo by Donovan Valdivia on Unsplash


To the Make School community,

We have been following the protests uniting our country over the last couple of weeks. The bravery among all those fighting for black lives is inspiring. We demand justice for George Floyd, justice for all the innocent men and women killed by the police, and support the calls for our government to take concrete action towards ending police brutality against the black community in America.

Make School exists to provide avenues of upward mobility for students of all backgrounds, especially those underrepresented in the tech industry. We cannot achieve our mission if we do not do our part to dismantle the systemic racism that affects so many in our community. 

To start, it is time to listen and learn. We are learning from the following resources on the history of racism in the United States and how best to be an ally:

We also want to share with all of you a list of resources to help you support the black community:

While the protests of these past weeks have done much-needed work in raising awareness for the current issues, the work is by no means done. We are taking the time to listen and process and will update our community with more concrete steps we are taking in support of the movement over the coming weeks.

Best, The Make School Team

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