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State of the Future

A letter to our students about their role in shaping tomorrow. The world has just entered a renaissance of technology - the Software Revolution. The streets of San Francisco today are akin to the streets of Florence in the 15th century - the epicenter of the world's creativity, ideas and innovation.

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Like Hackathons? You'll Love Make Hacks!

Builder? Hacker? Maker? Make School invites you to join 200 hackers at Make Hacks on November 14-15!

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Student Profile: Unathi Chonco

We asked our students to share their dreams with us! What do they hope to achieve during their time at Make School? In their careers? In the next 50 years? Here's Unathi Chonco's response.

Growing up in South Africa, I wasn't always exposed to the world as much as many people around here. South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, is a place that has been filled with an integration of cultures and people from all over the world. I believe this is why the move to San Francisco has been a revitalizing culture shock pushing me forward rather than a scary one holding me back.

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