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22 Free Resources for Data Structures and Algorithms: Binary Search Algorithms, String Algorithms and more

June 27, 2018

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When you first start out with a tech career, you're going to need to learn data structures and algorithms. These are the basis behind computer programming, and every high-quality employer will make sure you understand them. For beginners, though, it can be difficult to understand.

In this series of technical blog posts, we'll be sharing the resources we've collected here at Make School. In this post, we'll share our resources for number bases, recursion and search algorithms, and string algorithms.

Number bases

Recursion and search algorithms

binary search algorithm

(Visualization of the binary search algorithm where 7 is the target value. Source: Wikimedia Commons)

String algorithms

Anagram canonical

(Algorithmic anagram test using a canonical form. Source: Wikimedia Commons)


These resources are helpful, but they aren't the only ways to learn data structures and algorithms. In the next few posts, we'll be sharing our resources for other concepts. Plus, our students have access to one-on-one instruction and hands-on learning that covers the conceptual and practical side of coding at the Product College.

The Product College is a two-year accelerated computer science college that offers a unique tuition financing option - students pay only after they've received a job offer at the end of the program (the average starting salary is $95k). Make School's mission is to make a top computer science education available to all. Learn more.

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