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Alum Erick Sanchez
Interview with Erick Sanchez: From Retail To Six Figures at Google (Part 1) Learn more about alum Erick Sanchez's...
Two women Meditating
The Basics of Deep Breathing and Meditation Practice Mindfulness - in college and beyond!
Person sleeping on their desk
Sleep Hygiene: How to Sleep Well in College Tips and tricks to sleep well throughout college!
Happy student listening to music on the grass
7 Steps to Checking in On Your Mental Health During College Learn how you can take the time to check in on...
The Paradox of Choice - Barry Schwartz on why more is less
Woman eating salad
How to Keep Track of Your Nutrition and Physical Health in College Keep track of your nutrition and physical...
Some of our Fall 2020 Graduates!
September 2020 Fall Graduation Recap Fall graduation was a blast with over 100...
Make School students and staff during a remote career-networking session.
Student Experience at Make School & Our Transition to Remote Engagement Learn more about student life and experience at...
Hero image with branched design
Welcome from Dr. Anne Spalding, Dean of Make School Dr. Anne Spalding, Dean of Make School, shares...
Photo by Donovan Valdivia on Unsplash
A Message in Solidarity with the Black Community Black Lives Matter.
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