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"I see a day when the traditional four-year college degree will be replaced... which is where [Make School] comes in." - san jose mercury news


We founded Make School to empower students to build and ship products. Creating a product that improves the lives of others is a thrilling and fulfilling experience that opens the door to a successful career in tech. We’re building the college experience we wished existed, one where our students love coming to school every day and are passionate about their work.

We’re creating an education relevant to today’s industry where students gradually transition into the professional world. We believe in learning by doing, at Make School studying takes a back seat to creating. We believe the app is the new resume, a portfolio of products is more powerful than any credential. We believe coding is the world’s first superpower, our students help make the world a better place.


Make School is a community, starting with our team and extending to our students and alumni. We view our community like a family and aim to positively influence each other as well as the greater community. These are the core values that represent members of the Make School community:

  • Optimism Maintain a positive attitude through good times and bad.

  • Passion Do what you love, use passion to energize those around you.

  • Creativity The world is your canvas, dream big and keep building.

  • Open Mindedness Be accepting of different points of view, be open to new experiences.

  • Introspection Be self aware, look for ways to improve yourself everyday.

  • Honesty Be true to yourself, and build trust through open communication.

  • Kindness Treat others gently, make people smile, and let others be happy.

  • Empathy Imagine how others feel, judge your actions on how they impact those around you.

  • Drive Never quit, learn from failure, and find clever ways to overcome challenges.

  • Courage Take initiative, make the change you wish to see in the world.


Make School Team

Make School was founded in 2012, we’ve taught over 2,000 students through in person courses and over 1.5 million students through online tutorials. We’ve grown to 23 people who joined the company from Hawaii, Michigan, Boston, Ohio, Chicago, New Jersey, Florida, Philippines, and Germany. We’ve previously worked at startups, small businesses, game companies and tech companies. We’ve lectured and taught at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Stanford and INSEAD. We frequently volunteer to teach beginners coding basics and mentor entrepreneurs building companies. We see each other as a family and work to treat each other better everyday. Our culture is fast paced, yet fun and forgiving. We care deeply about improving computer science education, and sparking passion in students to build real products.

We’re always looking to add new and diverse perspectives to the team, if you’re passionate about computer science education we’d love to hear from you! Please see our jobs page for open positions.


Investor Photo

Mitch Kapor

Partner, Kapor Capital

Mitch Kapor is the founder of Lotus 1-2-3, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and was the first chair of the Mozilla Foundation.

Investor Photo

Tim Draper

Founding Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Tim Draper is a venture capitalist who was ranked #7 on the Forbes Midas List. His investments include Skype, Tesla and Twitch.tv.

Investor Photo

Alexis Ohanian

Founder and Chairman, Reddit

Alexis Ohanian serves as a part-time partner at Y Combinator. His investments include Tilt, Zenefits and Codecademy.

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